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Waterjet System

Waterjets and abrasivejets are becoming a standard tool in machine shops around the world. This is because they are fast, flexible, precise, and easy to use. Abrasive/waterjet machines are not "weird" specialty machines for niche applications. They are general purpose tools that are useful in any machine shop / job shop.

Abrasive/waterjet machines use the technology of high pressure water typically between 20,000 and 55,000 psi, being squirted through a small opening to create extremely concentrated force in a small area to cut stuff. Waterjet systems pressurize a stream of water, powerful enough to cut through many materials such as wood and plastic. Abrasive waterjet adds an abrasive to the water stream to cut harder and/or thicker materials. Some of the examples are: pre-hardened steel, mild steel, exotics like titanium and hastalloy, gummy 304 stainless, copper, brass, aluminum, brittle materials like glass, ceramic and quartz, stone, laminates, and flammable materials.

1. Abrasive waterjet systems

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  • Auto-dial wireless multi-functional security System
  • Abrasive waterjet systems are generally used to cut metal plate (sheet) into industrial patterns
  • also cut materials such as granite and marble for interior design.
  • The maximum thickness of metal plate our waterjet
  • system can cut is about 50mm (2 inches).
  • The smallest gap it can cut is about 0.8mm (1/32 inch).

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